Examples of a Bioswale, Porous Pavement, and Green Roof

Green Luminary®

What is a Green Luminary® Award?

It takes vision and foresight to sustainably manage water where it falls. A Green Luminary® is ultimately helping protect our rivers and Lake Michigan by adopting practices that harvest rainfall for other uses or mimic nature by draining it into the ground to reduce water pollution. The Green Luminary® projects selected are led by true community champions who recognize not only the need to manage stormwater but also the need to innovate and grow.

MMSD gives Green Luminary® awards to businesses, organizations, and communities that implement exceptional green infrastructure design projects in the MMSD service area that benefit our lakes and rivers, as well as our communities.

Learn more about Green Infrastructure, our funding opportunities, or consult with our Fresh Coast Guardian Resource Center to learn how you can get started. Together we can help protect our rivers and lakes, reduce the risk of basement backups and sewer overflows, and improve the Greater Milwaukee ecosystem.

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