Managing water on your property can significantly reduce your chances of having a wet basement.  Whether you have water issues through your basement walls or your floor drain, this site will provide you with information that can greatly reduce the chances of a wet basement.

Keeping water out of your basement gives you great peace of mind that your belongings are safe and dry year-round. Preventing water from seeping through your basement walls reduces damage to the house foundation and increases longevity. Keeping clear water out of the sewer system greatly reduces the risk of a basement backup but also reduces the risk for your neighbors. If you are being requested by your city or village to participate in a neighborhood-wide sewer lateral rehab or foundation drain disconnect project, this is an excellent opportunity to make a significant improvement to your property at a steeply reduced cost or often no cost to you.

MMSD's Private Property Program

The MMSD Private Property Program provides guidance and resources for homeowners to identify and address the most common problems that lead to water entering your basement. While MMSD does not directly reimburse individual homeowners for repairs, MMSD provides funding to 28 cities and villages we serve to fund local projects such as sewer lateral repair and foundation drain disconnection (sump pump installation).

It is up to each city and village to decide whether it will tackle leaky lateralsfoundation drains connected to the sanitary sewer system or both. Local leaders of each community will also decide if there will be a cost-share for the home or business owner in the targeted area.

illustration of how your home lateral works with your sewer